Arms Dealing

Ever since the first wars, it always has the prerequisite of a good supply of weapons. In large-scale wars, the amount of weapons aside has more or less determines the victor. Thus, to promote this so-called advantage, arms dealers have become necessary. Upon this premise was the film “Lord of War” formed.

The setting for the film started about ten years before the end of the Cold War. Yuri Orlov (Nicolas Cage) was a Ukrainian defector that got inspired in the business of gunrunning. He started with providing ammunitions and some guns to rebel groups in Africa. Unlike some arms dealers, Yuri didn’t take sides on his customer preference. With this business scheme, he made a name for himself and finally got some of his wants like his all-time crush, Ava Fontaine, a beautiful model. Lie and deceit were spawned to create his double image as a simple American businessman. The movie ended with his family destroyed just for the sake of the protagonist’s unhealthy fixation of gunrunning.

Arms dealing is quite the serious job for any one man, but Yuri proved his ingenuity in circumventing authorities especially his archenemy Agent Valentine. The movie had some disturbing facts that some people might want to watch out for. Every war needs weapons and very weapon is not free. To finance such a thing, currency that is accepted worldwide is needed. The question is how do people living in the most oppressed regions of Africa afford to carry AK-47’s when most people starve? The answer, of course, is diamonds. Conflict diamonds or “blood” diamonds have financed most of the wars in that continent. Dictators made use of their power by oppressing people to gather these stones and in turn convert them to firepower to fight anyone who opposes him. Like what Yuri mentioned in the film, some countries like U.S.A. just need arms dealers. To protect its own interests, a powerful country needs to supply one country that is fighting against their common enemy country.

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