3D, NVIDIA GeForce 3D Vision

3D technology are no longer limited to movies and televisions. It can now likewise be experienced on desktops or notebooks through NVIDIA GeForce 3D Vision. This new technology that comes with high-tech wireless rechargeable glasses, base station / Infrared transmitter and advance software is capable of transforming hundreds of standard PC games into stereoscopic 3D. It is also capable of supporting 3D movies and 3D pictures. Its shutter glasses deliver 2x resolution on each eye coupled with ultra-wide viewing angles. Designed for DLP 1080p HDTVs, 120Hz LCD monitors, and DepthQ HD 3D projectors, NVIDIA GeForce 3D Vision provides clear, stereoscopic and immersive 3D gaming experience. Likewise, it can deliver a forty hours gaming experience on just a single charge.

NVIDIA GeForce 3D Vision only maintains a not so very high system requirement. It only needs a Microsoft Windows Vista 32-bit or 64-bit, modern dual-core processor or higher, 1GB of RAM (2GB is however recommended), 100 MB free disk space and a compatible GeForce desktop graphics card from the GeForce 8- 9- or GTX200-series. While it is true that for LCD monitors, 120Hz capable are required, NVIDIA GeForce 3D Vision likewise works with any analog CRT capable of a 100Hz refresh rate or higher. Also compatible are a number of 3D capable HD televisions and projectors. It is also powered by NVIDIA GeForce GPUs that delivers the highest throughput and lowest latency possible. The system is readily available in two varieties. One is the GeForce 3D Vision Kit which includes all of the necessary software, wireless rechargeable 3D glasses and an infrared transmitter. The other variety is the GeForce 3D Vision Bundle which includes everything from the GeForce 3D Vision Kit together with a Samsung SyncMaster 2233RZ LCD monitor for a ready a compatible display.

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