3D Camera, FinePix REAL 3D W1

Fujifilm launches the FinePix REAL 3D W1. It features a total 3D imaging system, a sophisticated 3D digital camera, a 3D digital viewer and advance 3D printing technology. Fujifilm has developed for the FinePix REAL 3D W1 an innovative image capture system consisting of two Fujinon lenses and two CCDs. It comes in an aluminum die-cast frame that serves as a solid platform for the precision alignment of the left and right lenses to capture quality 3D images. The image data captured by this twin lens-CCD systems are processed by the RP (Real Photo) Processor 3D which results in an instant and simultaneous processing of the captured image data. Also, it analyzes all photographic factors ranging from focus and brightness to color tonality which then combines the left and right images towards a single 3D image. The RP Processor 3D likewise works to control the two capture systems independently to shoot two different images with different photographic settings of one and the same subject simultaneously.

FinePix REAL 3D W1 is also equipped with an original technology that displays 3D images that jump out of the screen called parallax. Its monitor utilizes “Light Direction Control System” that makes the 3D digital viewer adopt a “Parallax Barrier System” to accurately direct light to the right and left eyes in a manner that simulates parallax, thus, enables easy viewing of 3D images using only the naked eye. The camera’s system allows review of captured images through its 2.8” 3D LCD and also on the large LCD monitor of the 3D digital viewer. Fujifilm has also developed an advanced printing technology for the production of quality 3D prints. This technology aligns and encodes the captured 3D image consonant to the pitch of micro lenses that are arranged in parallel rows on the lenticular sheet. Through this, the image data is perceived with a parallax effect resulting in a natural and fine-looking 3D print. For recording, its system adopts the MP format for stills and 3D-AVI format for movies. It can also simultaneously record still images in both MP format (3D) and JPEG (2D).

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